Definition of Latinity in English:



  • The use of Latin style or words of Latin origin.

    ‘a standard complaint was its excessive Latinity’
    • ‘This suggests, among other things, that the global dominance of modern English does not somehow repeat an early-modern global Latinity.’
    • ‘The bishop was compelled by pontifical authority to desist from this wicked labor, and Latinity did not recover until the Renaissance.’
    • ‘Saints were by definition postclassical, hagiography postclassical and barbarous, often characterized by ‘poor’ (by classical standards) Latinity and crude miracles.’
    • ‘Both learning Latin and using its extension into a vernacular are often associated with prestigious systems of education, such as Latinity in the public schools of England.’
    • ‘Scholarly reactions to the Latinity of the Whitby text are symptomatic of this state of affairs.’



/ləˈtinitē/ /ləˈtɪnɪti/