Definition of latke in English:



  • (in Jewish cooking) a pancake, especially one made with grated potato.

    ‘It was therefore the food of the Ashkenazi - chopped liver and gefilte fish, salt beef and latkes, cholent and borscht - which predominated there for many years.’
    • ‘The latke uses raw potato bound with egg and matzo meal.’
    • ‘We also shared potato latkes which, too, were excellent.’
    • ‘At this year's potluck, there were potato latkes, deviled eggs, and chipwiches along with staples like rice crispy treats, cupcakes, and chili.’
    • ‘‘Tonight we're having potato latkes and homemade chopped chicken liver,’ Adrian says with a smile.’
    • ‘You know, to watch them eating potato latkes and playing dreidel would be, I think at this point, my ideal.’
    • ‘If she doesn't appreciate the fact that I spent two hours grating the potatoes by hand for these latkes - her favorite - then I'm outta here!’
    • ‘And whether shoppers need samosas or latkes to create an authentic holiday, the fixings are now just a click away.’
    • ‘Those latke look-alikes are actually shrimp pancakes, served with six garnishes, from peanuts to Thai bird chilies.’
    • ‘I just finished a badly needed serving of turkey sausage, scrambled eggs and potato latke.’
    • ‘Okonomiyaki is a flat, savory pancake, similar to a latke, but made with flour, shredded cabbage, egg, and other various ingredients.’
    • ‘Finally for an irresistible alternative to latkes, try the Tunisian Potato Turnovers we included for Hanukkah.’
    • ‘If you want to celebrate the festival in your own home, you'll have to make some latkes, or potato cakes made with grated onions and potatoes deep fried.’
    • ‘Rosti, if you're not Swiss, is like a latke, which if you're not Jewish, consists of coarsely grated potatoes shaped into large, round discs and fried to perfection.’
    • ‘The potato base, like a latke only thinner and looser, is topped with chunks of tasty ham, onion and melted cheese, all cooked together, with some sour cream on the side.’
    • ‘Had a huge brunch (kumara latkes, venison and whiskey sausages, liver and onions, poached egg and apple juice) and now I'm digesting in the sunshine.’
    • ‘The potato pancakes are served with sour cream and a tasty fruit compote, though the two relatively small latkes aren't really enough to fully satisfy; three would be perfect.’
    • ‘If your youth group is organizing a Hanukkah bash, offer to flip latkes, fill gelt bags or decorate the party space.’
    • ‘I went to a Chanukah party tonight and there were latkes, and sour cream and chocolate money.’
    • ‘It would be an ideal wine to accompany latke, a brilliantly simple and tasty panfried dish.’



/ˈlätkə/ /ˈlɑtkə/