Definition of latterly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈladərlē/ /ˈlædərli/

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  • 1Recently.

    ‘latterly, his painting has shown a new freedom of expression’
    • ‘I've been involved in those areas latterly as assistant grounds manager and I can say to fans not to worry.’
    • ‘He will be presented with the Marsden Medal tonight for his 40-year contribution to Antarctic research, latterly focusing on climate change.’
    • ‘Those who live and work in the area, which has latterly advertised itself as The Quarter, feel the bar will upset the balance of this café quarter.’
    • ‘If he does win, he will be the first businessman to rule Mexico in modern times after a succession of generals, lawyers and latterly US Ivy League-trained economists.’
    • ‘Originally from Bingley, he has returned to the town where his family still live after living across the world including in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Chicago, Boston and latterly Spain.’
    • ‘That'll be a total of 7 stone that I shall have shed since starting to diet and, latterly, gaining the assistance of the fat-buster pills.’
    • ‘An accomplished goalkeeper and latterly a sought after commentator and coach, he spent a glittering career between the sticks for Glasgow Celtic.’
    • ‘The stance of the hurlers, and latterly their footballing colleagues, is seemingly a step nearer some form of professionalism, if not in cash payment, then a list of benefits in that direction.’
    • ‘The site of the former Co-op store and a mixture of Victorian and Sixties architecture, the building was described latterly as a ‘blight on business’ by many of the Micklegate traders.’
    • ‘The 50 or so pupils, including latterly 10 from Japan, had their own council which made decisions about running the school and disciplined those who broke the self-imposed rules.’
    • ‘He has subsequently half-joked about the frustration of being latterly best known for singing a song which he did not write himself.’
    • ‘After a five-year apprenticeship, he gained a scholarship to the College of Aeronautics, latterly known as Cranfield University, where he returned to carry out research work.’
    • ‘The 49-year-old has filled a variety of roles at the club, including manager, general manager and more latterly director.’
    • ‘Our relationship started well, descended into hate-hate, recovered somewhat to love-hate and, latterly, has drifted into respectful acceptance.’
    • ‘He had long considered it his destiny to be the next president of Pakistan, but latterly his political career has faltered.’
    recently, lately, of late, in the past few days, in the last couple of weeks, in recent times
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    1. 1.1In the later stages of a period of time, especially of a person's life.
      ‘he worked on the paper for fifty years, latterly as its political editor’
      • ‘The Theatre Royal, opened in Williamson Square in 1762, latterly a cold storage premises, witnessed across its stage a procession of the finest artists of their age.’
      • ‘He enjoyed fishing, shooting, and his garden, and latterly took up painting.’
      • ‘I was her carer but I was also latterly her colleague, and, I am proud to say, her friend.’
      • ‘He too worked at Beales, for 14 years, latterly as store catering manager and on occasion assisting the group catering manager with responsibility for 12 stores nationwide.’
      • ‘However, back in the 1983-1996 seasons when I was a regular on the Terraces (and latterly, in seats) I was very aware of racism.’
      • ‘But this year there are high hopes for the Mill, an 18th century water-powered cotton and latterly saw mill believed to house the only surviving example of a Thompson turbine.’
      • ‘Not everyone, however, is convinced, believing that while its achievement was considerable, latterly it was running into quicksand and was mired in dogma.’
      • ‘Instead, let's take a closer look at the author of this fly-on-the-wall biography, who has used his years as in service - latterly private secretary - as fuel for upmarket gossip.’
      • ‘He latterly lived in a flat in Irvine, supported by social services, but went missing in 1997, taking with him only his passport and leaving £3,000 in giro cheques.’
      ultimately, finally, towards the end, at the end
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