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  • Decorated with or in the form of a lattice.

    ‘a latticed screen’
    • ‘Seen in her hotel room, for instance, she is dubiously reflected in her own mirror, or lost behind a latticed screen.’
    • ‘It's fun because we don't make ordinary Easter eggs, we make marbled ones, all different flavours, and we make latticed ones which you make by piping.’
    • ‘If we had the latticed structure it would turn the ride into a more industrial looking structure, more like an oil rig.’
    • ‘Above, between the murqanas - honey-combed stalactites of stucco- and the lime green tiles of the roof, there project exquisitely latticed balconies of Moroccan cedar wood.’
    • ‘Its futuristic design features wind turbines instead of the traditional minarets, while a translucent latticed roof would replace the domes seen on most mosques.’
    • ‘It's a small, spiky-looking plastic ball and when you pull on two of its opposite spikes this ten-inch ball expands to a two-foot latticed sphere.’
    • ‘The moment you enter the gates you're swallowed up in a labyrinth of latticed houses where tailors embroider silken hangings and silversmiths work on glittering jewellery.’
    • ‘We walked together through the chowk, the narrow, latticed bazaar-labyrinth which was once the centre of Lucknow's cultural life.’
    • ‘Lace curtains neatly surround the latticed windows while pretty flowers border the tidy garden which has obviously been lovingly kept.’
    • ‘Peering down through its latticed sides I could just make out the sandy, weedy ocean floor, 20 metres below.’
    • ‘The deluxe rooms have latticed panels that can be unrolled to reveal a glass curtain that screens the bathroom area.’
    • ‘Along the rural lanes beyond Arambol, old farmhouses are enclosed in latticed palm shade.’
    • ‘The Velodrome's environmental efficiency is further demonstrated through the vast internal space enclosed by a light, latticed steel structure of inventive economy.’
    • ‘In addition, the shell of the outer part forms a two-dimensionally latticed sphere with or without a relic of three-dimensional meshwork structure.’
    • ‘Several quarters have expressed concern towards preserving these Havelis which have large latticed windows, carved woodwork and large ventilators and parapets.’
    • ‘But the most bustling of the galleries is a sun-washed, two story lavender Spanish colonial building with a latticed metal balcony porch.’
    • ‘Closed doorways flanked either side of the passage while at one end it finished in a latticed window - dark outside - and at the other in the blank wall of a T-junction.’
    • ‘Every house in the sample is painted with some kind of hooded portico over the front door, most often simulating thatch, and all except one have latticed windows.’
    • ‘There was something of New Orleans about this old colonial building with its latticed balcony, though I do not recall having seen a structure in that city quite as neglected.’
    • ‘Arched for strength, it is a fine latticed shell floating without visible support and imposing as small a load as possible onto surrounding structures.’



/ˈladəst/ /ˈlædəst/