Definition of laughably in English:


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  • In a ludicrous manner; absurdly.

    ‘most of the songs are laughably and amateurishly staged’
    • ‘the question seemed laughably irrelevant’
    • ‘I just can't emphasize how laughably bad most of the visual effects are.’
    • ‘This is not to mention the scenes in which the dialogue has been dubbed, laughably.’
    • ‘I'm not sure what was the most laughably awful thing about this movie.’
    • ‘The symbolism is even more laughably heavy handed.’
    • ‘There are times when the dialogue is laughably over-the-top.’
    • ‘Organized as an exercise in corporate image-making, the competition was laughably indifferent to matters architectural.’
    • ‘The last thirty minutes of the play are laughably ridiculous.’
    • ‘These would-be heroes seem laughably, touchingly subject to the most ordinary woes.’
    • ‘The passengers of the train, rather laughably, tell him that they will keep it a secret.’
    • ‘The movie is indifferently directed, laughably performed and sub-moronically scripted.’



/ˈlafəblē/ /ˈlæfəbli/