Definition of laugher in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlafər/ /ˈlæfər/


  • 1A person who laughs.

    ‘They are the most enthusiastic laughers, pointers and critics of us all.’
    • ‘We are both sisters, daughters, dancers, laughers, writers, singers, activists, lovers and dreamers.’
    • ‘They men weren't bored, as they'd expected, and were usually the heartiest laughers.’
    • ‘She was a great laugher, was Peggy, and we couldn't wait to find out what was the joke.’
    • ‘Jenni turned round to find James laughing so much that his eyes were watering and was now on to the stage of hysterical silent laughter that makes the laugher look like they are choking.’
    • ‘The light giggling that had been the background to that changed into full-fledged laughter which quickly faded as the laugher ran off.’
    • ‘In general, women are the leading laughers, while men are the best laugh-getters.’
    • ‘Kyle listened a moment longer, hoping the laugher would speak.’
  • 2North American informal A sports contest or other competition that is so easily won by one team or competitor that it seems absurd.

    • ‘they lost the first laugher of the series’
    • ‘In the opening game of last year's NCAA Tournament, a laugher against Monmouth, he missed both his attempts.’
    • ‘Extend that winning streak to five, six games, and the NFC North race becomes a laugher.’
    • ‘Iverson Scored 15 of his 25 points in the last nine minutes of a game that had been nothing but a laugher - the deficit was 21 points early in the fourth - until he got busy.’
    • ‘This year, the coaches are not giving lip service, but they are paying attention, and special teams plays turned the opening game against the Bears into a laugher.’
    • ‘The game was a laugher in favor of the Pacers.’
    • ‘With the game now 9-4, it looked like a laugher in the Yankees favor, the Bronx Bombers finally stepping on the Sox's collective neck.’
    • ‘Instead of a 14-point lead, Jacksonville took over on their own 20, and a laugher turned into a nailbiter.’
    • ‘With Ced back in to start the second half, the Cardinals go on a 19-7 run to make it a laugher.’
    • ‘The season began with a laugher over Tulsa, followed by a big nonconference game against Alabama.’
    • ‘I ran out of fingers to count on during the World Cup hosts' 13-0 laugher over San Marino on Wednesday.’
    • ‘In another laugher, Texas hammered the Mighty Quinn, 20-2, in Austin.’
    • ‘Take, for example, the Packers, who crushed the Rams 45-17 in a Monday night laugher in Week 12.’
    • ‘Denver received a little bit of help from everyone on Monday night to win a 30-10 laugher over Kansas City.’
    • ‘LSU has won four laughers and a fourth-quarter pulse-pounder.’