Definition of law of mass action in English:

law of mass action


  • The principle that the rate of a chemical reaction is proportional to the masses of the reacting substances.

    • ‘As an analog of the law of mass action in chemical kinetics, we assume that the infection rate is proportional to n 1, with the proportionality constant.’
    • ‘In 1864, Norwegian chemists Cato M. Guldberg and Peter Waage published the law of mass action.’
    • ‘However, effects of drugs involve interactions between chemical entities and are therefore subject to the law of mass action.’
    • ‘The law of mass action uniquely determines the numbers of free and bound ligands at the condensation midpoint.’
    • ‘We introduce the concept of a critical capsid concentration and show that hepatitis B capsid assembly seems to obey a universal law of mass action.’