Definition of lawrencium in English:



(also Lr)
  • The chemical element of atomic number 103, a radioactive metal of the actinide series. Lawrencium does not occur naturally and was first made by bombarding californium with boron nuclei.

    ‘Actinides - the radioactive chemical elements that span from actinium to lawrencium on the periodic table - have generated a great deal of interest in recent years.’
    • ‘No one could really argue with the choice of lawrencium for element 103, after the man who had invented the machine for element synthesis.’
    • ‘Due to its short half-life, there's no reason for considering the effects of lawrencium in the environment.’
    • ‘Only a few atoms of lawrencium have ever been made.’
    • ‘In 1968, Thiorso and associates at Berkeley used a few atoms of this isotope to study the oxidation behavior of lawrencium.’



/ˌlôˈren(t)sēəm/ /ˌlɔˈrɛn(t)siəm/


1960s modern Latin, named after the American physicist E. O. Lawrence (see Lawrence, Ernest Orlando), who founded the laboratory in which it was produced.