Definition of lawyering in English:



  • The work of practicing law.

    ‘although he holds a law degree, he lets his hired guns do the real lawyering’
    • ‘But there's poor lawyering, overzealous prosecutors, tunnel vision for investigators.’
    • ‘We might think that legal scholars should have no connection to the practical world of lawyering.’
    • ‘My right to say any of this is not at the mercy of some prosecutor who may or may not decide to prosecute, or whether fancy lawyering lets a wrongdoer go unconvicted.’
    • ‘Do-it-yourself lawyering is more than a long tradition in America - it's a Constitutional right.’
    • ‘That wasn't the race card; it was good lawyering.’
    • ‘Again, I should say that the lawyering was really good.’
    • ‘This is not good lawyering, and it's not good public service.’
    • ‘Now, I know the technicalities of he doesn't have a presidential appointment and all the lawyering that goes into this.’
    • ‘However, much real-life lawyering is done under intense time pressure.’
    • ‘And in the courtroom, I think what we're going see, hopefully, is damn good lawyering.’
    • ‘They don't teach us this at law school as an example of good lawyering, but maybe we're just taught to be too respectable.’
    • ‘It's putting lawyering above common sense, which unfortunately happens a lot in this country.’
    • ‘I want the cameras to be there to see good lawyering and bad lawyering, good judging and bad judging.’
    • ‘This is about politics, it is not about law, and the less lawyering occurs, the better.’
    • ‘Usually, judges want the facts and not a lot of lawyering and let's get to it and let the jury have it.’
    • ‘It is probably the bit of good lawyering that actually we've gotten to see publicly.’
    • ‘And one point no one wants to acknowledge: Bad lawyering can buy you a death sentence.’
    • ‘Anyone familiar with trial tactics can confirm this was good lawyering.’
    • ‘His scholarship celebrated good lawyering, which was as uncommon in the legal academy then as it is today.’
    • ‘That prompted me to think about ‘virtual lawyering,’ which I do fairly often because I think that it's an inevitable trend for many lawyers.’



/ˈloi-əriNG/ /ˈloɪ-ərɪŋ/