Definition of lay a finger on someone in English:

lay a finger on someone


  • Touch someone, especially with the intention of harming them.

    ‘They'll say, lay a finger on me and you're straight in court.’
    • ‘‘They haven't laid a finger on me, yet,’ he smirked.’
    • ‘Even though I physically bundled people out the door on a number of occasions, nobody ever laid a finger on me.’
    • ‘I love you; call me if she ever lays a finger on you.’
    • ‘Rich continued, ‘And thirdly, you're a pretty girl, if one of these boys so much lays a finger on you without your consent they will have hell to pay.’’
    • ‘You tell Danny that if he so much as lays a finger on you, I'll snap him in half like a twig.’
    • ‘The mere thought of that psychopath laying a finger on her at all made him cringe and shiver all over.’
    • ‘‘They wouldn't dare lay a finger on you in Higgins's yard,’ Conall assured her, practically reading her mind, ‘I, on the other hand would be in serious trouble.’’
    • ‘Smiling shyly, I said, ‘Even if you were to attack, Chesare would have you by the throat before you could lay a finger on me.’’
    • ‘She had better not lay a finger on him or she'll have to deal with me!’