Definition of lay down in English:

lay down

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phrasal verb

  • 1lay something down, lay down somethingPut something down.

    • ‘she finished her cake and laid down her fork’
  • 2lay something down, lay down somethingFormulate and enforce or insist on a rule or principle.

    • ‘stringent criteria have been laid down’
    formulate, stipulate, set down, draw up, frame
  • 3lay something down, lay down somethingPay or wager money.

    • ‘when it comes to field sports, large sums of money are laid down’
  • 4lay something down, lay down somethingBegin to construct a ship or railroad.

    • ‘twenty-four ships were projected, of which twenty were laid down’
    1. 4.1Build up a deposit of a substance.
      • ‘these cells lay down new bone tissue’
  • 5lay something down, lay down somethingStore wine in a cellar.

    • ‘each bottle has to be laid down for several years before it is ready to drink’
    store, put into store, keep for future use, keep, save
  • 6lay something down, lay down something informal Record a piece of music.

    • ‘he was invited to the studio to lay down some backing vocals’