Definition of lay the ghost in English:

lay the ghost


(also lay a ghost)
  • 1Exorcise a ghost.

    ‘Mick said there were stories of various attempts to lay the ghost.’
    • ‘And perhaps some form of exorcism or " laying the ghost ".’
    1. 1.1Get rid of a distressing, frightening, or worrying memory or thought.
      ‘we need to lay the ghost of the past and move ahead’
      • ‘Once you have laid a ghost to rest, he or she can join your team and you can use them in future missions.’
      • ‘If you set out to lay a ghost by writing a novel, it may or may not end up being a good book.’
      • ‘But she's also keen to lay a ghost from her past that could also provide her with some hope for the future.’
      • ‘It is entirely up to you what type of publication you have and up to us to present it in a way that will make you smile, feel proud or even lay a ghost to rest by way of cathartic exercise.’
      • ‘A virtual passenger four years ago against France following pre-match convulsions, the 25-year-old was clearly a man who had laid a ghost to rest.’
      • ‘Having said that, this is an opportunity to lay a ghost to rest and rehearse a form of communication that is common in professional practice.’
      • ‘It felt like I wanted to reconcile with them, to lay a ghost, but I never managed to.’
      • ‘For me, drawing's uniqueness has something to do with the fundamental activity of actually trying to lay a ghost or exorcise oneself.’
      • ‘It won't lay a ghost overnight, but such a campaign might stop anarchy and chaos for ever haunting football yet to come.’
      • ‘It is as hard for a man to escape assassination as it is to lay a ghost.’