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layer cake

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mainly North American
  • A cake of two or more layers with icing or another filling between them.

    ‘My mother, ever wise, bought a first-edition copy, and sometime thereafter I began celebrating my birthdays with its raspberries-and-cream-cheese layer cake.’
    • ‘And for dessert, we have banana layer cake with caramel cream and pecans.’
    • ‘Carol and Laura had prepared a casserole and a chocolate layer cake, respectively.’
    • ‘No dessert combines elegance and charm quite like a homemade layer cake.’
    • ‘It's a heart-shaped layer cake, with pink frosting and frou-frou Valentine-y decorations, and it is served by hacking it in two with a cleaver.’
    • ‘Norman was very angry that the house wasn't cleaned and his three layer cake was burned, but even more so by the fact that Shirley left the house without his permission.’
    • ‘Within a decade the slow-baked casserole and the homemade layer cake disappeared along with the starched party dress, and no one seemed to miss them.’
    • ‘He discerned the grid in the layer cake, the order in the display case.’
    • ‘We made a layer cake and arranged it on a thick piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil.’
    • ‘In Vienna, the locals sit at little marble tables in cafes drinking tiny cups of coffee and eating a low, dense layer cake very much like this Dark Chocolate Torte.’
    • ‘There should just be a party with jello shots and tequila and chocolate layer cake and music.’
    • ‘Okay, so you can't get your mind off that yummy looking apple pie or double chocolate layer cake - so have it.’
    • ‘A slice of each six-inch-high layer cake weighs almost a pound, for goodness sakes.’
    • ‘Sitting there on the little round dinning table was a beautiful three-step layer cake.’
    • ‘Aaron and Rachel had already cut out a slice of a beautiful white layer cake and shared the first dance.’
    • ‘Special features of the Austrian cuisine include the layer cakes such as Sachertorte for which Vienna is famous.’
    • ‘I wanted to make everything from scratch: brioche, croissants, Danish, pies, layer cakes, and of course bread.’
    • ‘And then, just as we should have paid up and left happy, we discovered that Jenni's serves some of the very best old-fashioned layer cakes in town.’
    • ‘A piece of cake: with foolproof recipes from Sunset's test kitchen, glamorous layer cakes are easier than you think’
    • ‘She prescribes sponge layer cakes or a tray of muffins to make the cook feel good and win the love and admiration of everyone around.’


layer cake

/ˈlāər kāk/ /ˈleɪər keɪk/