Definition of layshaft in English:



  • A second or intermediate transmission shaft in a machine.

    ‘The synchros are there to match the layshaft to the speed of the gear you shift to while in neutral.’
    • ‘In this way, the layshaft receives its power directly from the engine whenever the clutch is engaged.’
    • ‘It shows the governor and the linkages to the layshafts which control the fuel injector settings.’
    • ‘Once the clutch is dis-engaged, the layshaft will just slow down and eventually stop spinning all together.’
    • ‘To be able to undo both the layshaft and mainshaft nuts you must select two gears, normally 1st and 4th gear.’
    • ‘It was decided to achieve the required gear ratio a layshaft would be employed connected to both axles by chains.’
    • ‘All gears are in constant mesh with their counterparts on the layshaft at all times.’
    • ‘Each bogie is fitted with two traction motors with final chain drive to all wheels with layshafts.’
    • ‘The parallel layshafts are located below one another giving a drop drive with outputs to the front and rear axle sets.’
    • ‘At the other end of the motor another plate was made which had a hole drilled for the layshaft and a clearance hole for the motor shaft.’
    • ‘When the torque exceeds said value the torque limiting clutch 27 of said layshaft slips so that the torque in excess of said value is transmitted by the other layshaft.’
    • ‘The flywheel drove a crankshaft which was connected by layshafts to the steam chests which operated the inlet and exhaust valves and were controlled by the governor.’
    • ‘As in the case of the No.2 reduction gear, the three layshafts appeared to have been spread outwards at the rear, and forced forwards relative to the annulus gear.’
    • ‘For the output, both layshafts are linked to the output shaft.’
    • ‘To insure the ideal positional relationship among the input, output and layshafts, all shaft bearings are totally captured, allowing for no end play.’
    • ‘It will make the layshafts elastic, prevent from fractures, freezing, combine perfectly with the window frame - the window will be hermetic.’
    • ‘As for the drivetrain I'm hoping the current gearbox with its supposedly stronger layshafts will hold up okay, along with a supposedly stronger salisbury rear axle.’
    • ‘This engine's innovative design incorporates an input shaft flanked by two layshafts, and each layshaft has its own set of final drive gears.’
    • ‘I can say that I have yet to bend a dual swingarm, although I've bent up 3 or 4 layshafts over the last year.’
    • ‘In the view above and below can be seen the gearbox consisting of three layshafts.’



/ˈlāˌSHaft/ /ˈleɪˌʃæft/