Definición de lazarette en inglés



(also lazaret)
  • 1A small compartment below the deck in the after end of a vessel, used for stores.

    ‘When I took possession, one cabin and the lazarette were literally jammed with never-opened boxes and bags of gear.’
    • ‘Access to the lazarette was through an access hatch located on the aft port corner of the aft deck.’
    • ‘The hasp and eye to lock the lazarettes can bruise legs and catch lines, such as the mainsheet.’
    • ‘These are used for ventilating fuel lockers, bilges, deck boxes, lazarettes, or behind electronics.’
    • ‘The forward part of our lazarette has a refrigerator compressor and motor as well as the autopilot brain box.’
  • 2A lazaretto.

    ‘Grunewald's Crucifixion at Colmar, a shudder in paint, came from the lazaret at Eisenheim for the plague-ridden, the leprous and the syphilitic, set up by compassionate Antonine monks.’
    • ‘In addition, there were two small lazarettes that cared for those with bubonic plague - the Black Death.’



/ˌlazəˈret/ /ˌlæzəˈrɛt/


Early 17th century (denoting an isolation hospital): from French lazaret, from Italian lazaretto (see lazaretto).