Definition of lazy daisy stitch in English:

lazy daisy stitch


  • An embroidery stitch in the form of a flower petal.

    ‘Students learned the satin, cross-stitch and lazy daisy stitch.’
    • ‘Embroider one lazy daisy stitch with the buttonhole twist or embroidery thread on either side of each feather stitch.’
    • ‘Other classic embroidery stitches are herringbone, montenegrin, satin stitch, lazy daisy stitch, French knot, bullion stitch, seeding stitch, mosaic stitch and scotch stitch.’
    • ‘Create the large flower petals as if working lazy daisy stitch, but do not tack down the top of the loop; instead, bring the needle back up near the base of the ribbon loop and cover the base with French knots.’
    • ‘To finish a row or make a single chain stitch (lazy daisy stitch) take the needle back to the wrong side where it came through over the loop to secure it.’


lazy daisy stitch

/ˈlāzē ˈdāzē stiCH/ /ˈleɪzi ˈdeɪzi stɪtʃ/