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lead pencil

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  • A pencil of graphite enclosed in wood.

    ‘I handed him a normal pencil, a lead pencil, and an eraser.’
    • ‘I remember a girl I was at school with stabbing me with a lead pencil when I was about seven.’
    • ‘The resultant fragments suggest that the height of N. califae was in excess of 36 times its diameter (for comparison, consider that in length an ordinary lead pencil is about 25 times its diameter and does not taper).’
    • ‘He returned to his desk, set the block down, and with a fine lead pencil began to trace out his morgue sketch on the smooth surface, working out a mirror image, everything reversed.’
    • ‘An orthopedic surgeon at our facility wants to use an ordinary lead pencil to mark bone during a surgical procedure.’


lead pencil

/ˌled ˈpens(ə)l/ /ˌlɛd ˈpɛns(ə)l/