Definition of lead someone astray in English:

lead someone astray


  • Cause someone to act or think foolishly or wrongly.

    ‘many people are led astray by strong feelings’
    • ‘But I have never lied to you before, nor led you astray.’
    • ‘I'd been intending to go to the gym, but Andy led me astray and I ended up in the pub.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It was my father who led me astray and gave me a sample of life abroad when we lived in America.’’
    • ‘He's about to be married, but she leads him astray in the funniest ways.’
    • ‘Everyone he meets seems intent on leading him astray.’
    • ‘Stay away from him, you are leading him astray, you are corrupting his simple mind.’
    • ‘They asked the police and Social Services to intervene because they feared the addict she was in love with was leading her astray.’
    • ‘The school year is just beginning, so make a concentrated effort not to let others lead you astray.’
    • ‘We have to avoid those whose purpose is to lead us astray.’
    • ‘What parent can guard against their child bumping into an unsavoury character who can lead them astray?’