Definition of leaf-nosed bat in English:

leaf-nosed bat


  • A bat with a leaflike appendage on the snout.

    Families Hipposideridae (Old World) and Phyllostomatidae (New World): numerous species

    ‘The best-supported nodes in the tree mostly correspond with unquestioned sister taxa in the data set (hedgehog and gymnure; Daubenton's and leaf-nosed bats; horse and rhino; sheep and cow; mouse and mole rat; human and squirrel monkey).’
    • ‘Old World leaf-nosed bats are sometimes regarded as a subfamily of the Rhinolophidae.’
    • ‘To explore this idea, the investigators turned to the heterogeneous family of Phyllostomidae, the New World leaf-nosed bats.’
    • ‘New World leaf-nosed bats are a common and diverse group that includes around 143 species, placed in 49 genera.’
    • ‘They used a novel comparative analysis to test that prediction with leaf-nosed bats (Phyllostomidae).’


leaf-nosed bat

/lēf nōzd bat/ /lif noʊzd bæt/