Definition of leaguer in English:



mainly North American with adjective or noun modifier
  • A member of a particular league, especially a sports player.

    ‘minor leaguers in spring training’
    • ‘While the transition from nameless minor leaguer to major league leader seemed to happen overnight, he knows it is at least partially a product of his many years of toil.’
    • ‘Like most baseball fans, major leaguers watch the Little League World Series.’
    • ‘Minor leaguers are subjected to drug tests, but 40-man roster members are not.’
    • ‘We had 24 players - college guys and minor leaguers.’
    • ‘This is for younger guys on the team and minor leaguers who are on the roster but will be sent down at the first cut.’
    • ‘One strike against him: the losing battle to get major leaguers into Olympic baseball.’
    • ‘There still are too many veterans and career minor leaguers around for the team to be in full rebuilding mode.’
    • ‘He says he began representing amateurs to help the minor leaguers who get cut before they ever receive a lucrative major-league contract.’
    • ‘But players seep through the cracks, and every season more players make spending a quick buck on a minor leaguer worth every penny.’
    • ‘No one on a major league 25-man roster was eligible, but minor leaguers on a 40-man roster were.’
    • ‘Manuel, a former major league batting coach, would talk hitting with the minor leaguers.’
    • ‘The team is tired of looking at minor leaguers who aren't top prospects.’
    • ‘One spring, Hornsby called all of the minor leaguers together and sat them down on a row of bleachers.’
    • ‘Yesterday, we looked at five Cubs' minor leaguers vying for spots on the 40-man roster.’
    • ‘Last season many young minor leaguers pushed themselves closer to getting their shot to play in the major leagues.’
    • ‘In the letters section of the September issue, a reader asked which city had the most native-born major leaguers who won MVP Awards.’
    • ‘Almost half - yes, almost half - of all minor leaguers are now foreign-born.’
    • ‘In the hundreds of e-mails that arrived with the votes, most people wanted assurance of much lower ticket prices to see minor leaguers.’
    • ‘Minor leaguers with questionable stuff, almost no matter how good their control is, do not have the luxury of leaning back into a relief role.’
    • ‘What's more, almost 50 percent of 5,781 minor leaguers were in the same category.’



/ˈlēɡər/ /ˈliɡər/