Definition of leal in English:


Pronunciation /lēl/ /lil/


archaic Scottish
  • Loyal and honest.

    ‘his leal duty to the King’
    • ‘Open yer airms and minds tae folk in need, hain frae fylin and skaith the land and sea, tak tent o justice and the commonweal, ding doon hypocrisy, wanthrift and greed, heeze up the banner o humanity, seek oot the truth and tae the truth be leal.’
    • ‘Or else the Americans could do the decent thing, and change their law in such a way that it mirrors the arrangements of their most leal and trusty ally.’
    • ‘It is a furry mammal, with a bark as winsome as any leal and faithful Labrador.’


Middle English from Old French leel, earlier form of loial (see loyal).



/lēl/ /lil/