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  • 1A building sharing one wall with a larger building, and having a roof that leans against that wall.

    as modifier ‘a lean-to garage’
    • ‘The basic points to remember when building a lean-to green house is location and ventilation.’
    • ‘Most lean-tos still have a fire place close to the front for cooking and night time cheer.’
    • ‘One big advantage of the lean-to greenhouse is that you can connect it to your home by means of a communicating door.’
    hut, lean-to, outhouse, outbuilding, shack
    1. 1.1A temporary shelter, either supported or freestanding.
      ‘they constructed a crude lean-to to keep the snow from them’
      • ‘Every few hours, under hundreds of shanty tents and lean-tos scattered across the hills, they pour mercury from metal flasks into soil that they have dragged in sacks down rutted tracks behind bullocks.’
      • ‘So we've had people here for quite a while living in huts, lean-tos, wood cabins and split-level duplexes with Italian marble counters.’
      • ‘He fashioned a crude lean-to out of twigs and pitch, ensnared wild game in a hand-made wooden trap, and divined the coveted secret of fire.’
      • ‘He wiped moisture from his muzzle and ducked back under the meagre cover his crude lean-to offered.’
      • ‘Six-foot stalks of soybeans are piled in lean-tos and tepees along a rutted dirt road.’
      • ‘There were five lean-to shelters there, each of which slept up to six people.’
      • ‘They needed to build a lean-to shelter, dry their possessions, and repack their canoe for the rest of their journey.’
      • ‘Winter was coming, and his lean-to shelter would be no protection against that.’
      • ‘She'd found plenty of driftwood and deadfalls in the vicinity of the gazebo, enough to construct a crude lean-to on the creek bank.’
      • ‘He had spent the last two days lost in the Sierra Nevada mountains enduring subfreezing temperatures, with only a crudely built lean-to shelter and no food.’
      • ‘During the summer months the few lean-tos available are often occupied, so it's wise to bring a tent.’
      • ‘Two small camping areas contain a total of 16 sites and three lean-tos, flush toilets and hot showers.’
      • ‘Year round camping includes tent sites, lean-tos, and some cabins with varying facilities.’
      • ‘This 365-acre state park in the Taconic Mountains is home to 66 campsites including 10 lean-tos.’
      • ‘Oftentimes lean-tos are rented only for gear storage and/or cooking in inclement weather.’
      • ‘Outhouses are located at many lean-tos and should be used when available.’
      • ‘But the lean-tos on the lake that first night were filled, so we just put in at a lake campsite, a small beach with a clearing on a hill immediately behind it.’
      • ‘Camping above 3,500 feet is permitted only in lean-tos or designated sites.’
      • ‘The lean-tos provide emergency shelter and mountain tops should be marked to prevent people from damaging the mountaintops looking for the summit.’
      • ‘It has 25 tent/trailer sites and 37 lean-tos, and record-catching trout and salmon fishing.’