Definition of least common denominator in English:

least common denominator


another term for lowest common denominator
‘To find the least common denominator using this method, factor each of the denominators into primes.’
  • ‘There is clearly no least common denominator in this case, because we are not dealing with fractions.’
  • ‘And we must not allow the terrorists and the least common denominators to subvert that process.’
  • ‘We define the least common denominator of two fractions as the least common multiples of the denominators.’
  • ‘Thus, our assumption about the constructed common denominator as not the least common denominator was false.’
  • ‘Well the process is like looking for least common denominators among groups of words.’
  • ‘If you see they both have the same prime factor 2, then you know the least common denominator will drop one of the 2's.’
  • ‘The use of the least common denominators usually gives the most efficient way to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.’
  • ‘Students will apply the rules for multiplication of fractions and for finding the least common denominator for a group of fractions.’
  • ‘The smallest of the common denominators is 30 and so it is called the least common denominator.’
  • ‘The concept and use of least common denominators is also covered.’
  • ‘The least common denominator is the smallest number which is a common multiple of each of the original denominators.’
  • ‘Even with printed text, no one would develop a plank based upon the least common denominators.’
  • ‘There are two methods for finding the least common denominator of two fractions.’
  • ‘The student is guided in every step, including converting to least common denominators.’
  • ‘Use the Web site to review least common denominators.’
  • ‘Despite all our fallen facticity, something in our embers is not entirely blighted by everyday mechanical ratios and least common denominators.’
  • ‘I don't dwell on least common denominators until my students are already getting the questions right (maybe missing some reducing).’
  • ‘In the following exercises, by trial and error, find the least common denominators.’
  • ‘Examination of three methods for finding least common multiples for sets of whole numbers (three methods for finding least common denominators).’


least common denominator

/lēst ˈkämən dəˈnäməˌnādər/ /list ˈkɑmən dəˈnɑməˌneɪdər/ /dēˈnäməˌnādər/ /diˈnɑməˌneɪdər/