Definition of least common multiple in English:

least common multiple


another term for lowest common multiple
‘Each player tries to be the first to state the least common multiple of the two cards on the table.’
  • ‘The least common denominator for two fractions is the least common multiple of their denominators.’
  • ‘We define the least common denominator of two fractions as the least common multiples of the denominators.’
  • ‘Finding the least common multiple is an important skill for further dealings with fractions.’
  • ‘In algebra, the problem of finding least common multiples of denominators is similar.’
  • ‘Finding least common multiples is a preliminary step in adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.’
  • ‘As part of our exploration of number theory, we will look at two models for finding least common multiples and greatest common factors: the Venn diagram model and the area model.’
  • ‘Finding least common multiples is useful in combining algebraic fractions.’
  • ‘This program contains three different routines: greatest common divisor, least common multiple, and decimal to fraction.’
  • ‘Select some of the problems from the Web resource and review least common multiples.’
  • ‘The patterns can be used to show: the mathematics of least common multiples, of clock arithmetic and the fundamental theorem of mathematics.’


least common multiple

/lēst ˈkämən ˈməltəpəl/ /list ˈkɑmən ˈməltəpəl/