Definition of least significant bit in English:

least significant bit


(also LSB)
  • The bit in a binary number which is of the lowest numerical value.

    ‘So this algorithm filters the most significant bits, and leaves the least significant bits to be changed.’
    • ‘The rightmost bit is the least significant bit, and the leftmost bit is the most significant bit.’
    • ‘If the converted type of the left operand is int, only the five least significant bits of the value of the right operand are used as the shift distance.’
    • ‘The presently disclosed system uses a single rate of code applied to the least significant bits and no coding applied to the most significant bits, resulting in a simplification of the implementation.’
    • ‘As the size of your string grows linearly larger, the difference between the significance of the most significant bit and the least significant bit grows exponentially larger.’


least significant bit

/lēst siɡˈnifikənt bit/ /list sɪɡˈnɪfɪkənt bɪt/