Definition of leatherback in English:



(also leatherback turtle)
  • A very large black turtle with a thick leathery shell, living chiefly in tropical seas.

    Dermochelys coriacea, the only member of the family Dermochelyidae

    ‘In 1988, a leatherback was found measuring nine feet in length and weighing nearly 2,000 pounds.’
    • ‘Scientists estimate in about ten years all leatherback turtles in the Pacific Ocean may be gone.’
    • ‘The most distinguishing morphological characteristics of leatherbacks are their large size and dark color.’
    • ‘Scientists are not sure how long it takes leatherback turtles to mature or how long they live.’
    • ‘It has been reported that the leatherback is one of two turtles that are toxic to humans and other animals.’
    • ‘It is possible that year-round foraging by leatherbacks has increased as a response to increased jellyfish.’
    • ‘The coloration of the leatherback, dark above and lighter below, is typical of open-ocean inhabitants.’
    • ‘At about this time, female leatherback turtles, heavy with eggs, approach the coast of Central Africa.’
    • ‘But scientists have documented a precipitous decline of the Pacific leatherback in the past two decades.’
    • ‘The leatherback turtle has survived for more than a hundred million years, but is now facing extinction.’
    • ‘What adaptations do leatherback turtles have that could make balloons and grocery bags dangerous to them?’
    • ‘Within the U.S., the leatherback is known to nest in Southeastern Florida, Culebra, Puerto Rico, and St. Croix.’
    • ‘Globally, there has been a sharp overall decline in leatherbacks over the past 15 years.’
    • ‘The adult leatherback can reach 4 to 8 feet in length and 500 to 2000 pounds in weight.’
    • ‘In the last few minutes I've seen twice as many leatherbacks in the water as were using this beach all last year.’
    • ‘Thousands of leatherbacks nested at Playa Grande 10 years ago but the number has dropped to below 100 in the last five years.’
    • ‘Scientists and conservationists called on Pacific countries Friday to step up efforts to protect leatherback turtles that are on the brink of extinction.’
    • ‘Longlines in the Pacific catch 63% of the leatherbacks in the Pacific each year and kill 10%.’
    • ‘Have students work in groups to create board games featuring the life of a leatherback turtle.’
    • ‘And what more, Mike tells me that he observes similar surfacing behavior in leatherbacks in Nova Scotian waters where he works… amazing!’



/ˈleT͟Hərˌbak/ /ˈlɛðərˌbæk/