Definition of leatherwork in English:



  • 1Work or decoration done in leather.

    ‘Various ethnic groups in the country have their distinct artistic traditions related to the decoration of houses, clothing, leatherwork, and artifacts.’
    • ‘The Sioux are skilled artisans at beadwork, quill-work, carving, pipe making, drum making, flute making, and leatherwork of all kinds - from competition powwow regalia to saddles and tack.’
    • ‘Classes include cookery, crafts, woodwork, metalwork, building construction, painting and decorating, art, literacy/numeracy, computers, upholstery and leatherwork.’
    • ‘The artist made each vignette from a wide variety of materials and embellished them with modeling, embroidery, quilting, paint, beadwork, knitting, and leatherwork.’
    • ‘Barley Hall is hosting a Viking market during the festival, with traders demonstrating a host of traditional crafts, including candle-making, leatherwork, silversmithing and weaving.’
    • ‘Artists cast sculptures in bronze and brass, produce glass and metal work, and make quality leatherwork and calabash carvings.’
    • ‘Other handicraft items include hammocks, baskets, mats, embroidery, leatherwork, coral jewelry, and carved and painted gourds and dolls.’
    • ‘Local homeowners organized Arts and Crafts guilds for the production of furniture, pottery, metal, and leatherwork for their own homes.’
    • ‘Tim does his own leatherwork, and the sheath for this bowie was both very nicely executed and handsome to boot with its crosshatched embellishment.’
    • ‘The quality of the leatherwork was what made us want it.’
    • ‘Other crafts include textiles, leatherwork, basketry, and stained glass.’
    • ‘The saddles are handmade with amazing workmanship in leatherwork and braided rawhide accessories.’
    • ‘In addition to the well-preserved buildings and structures, excavations have revealed a wealth of unusual material including industrial areas for the manufacture of textiles, bone objects, leatherwork, and glass working.’
    • ‘Once a week there is a market at Jandia with opportunities galore for bargain-hunters, especially for local leatherwork and beautifully embroidered linen.’
    • ‘Another 15-20 per cent of workers were employed in specialized crafts such as metallurgy, woodwork, and leatherwork.’
    • ‘Over 55 provincial crafters attended the function, displaying items such as beadwork, clothing, fabrics and leatherwork.’
    • ‘Some women manufacture knitted items and engage in leatherwork.’
    • ‘Either way it resulted in a print akin to embossed leatherwork in appearance.’
    • ‘The new centre offers courses in typing, computer and leatherwork skills for girls, and carpentry, metalwork and construction skills for boys.’
    • ‘Farming, carpentry, metalwork and leatherwork skills and services will be core activities.’
    1. 1.1An article or articles made of leather.



/ˈleT͟Hərˌwərk/ /ˈlɛðərˌwərk/