Definition of leave hold of in English:

leave hold of


  • Cease holding.

    ‘Vasiliev, with whom I was walking hand in hand, suddenly left hold of my arm and sank upon the snow.’
    • ‘If so he would hardly have been prepared to leave hold of a piece of art of such a high quality.’
    • ‘Then the youth left hold of the cord for the first time in ten years, and a great joy descended upon him.’
    • ‘I only let you leave hold of my hand for a minute to go and buy some sweets and now the sky is falling.’
    • ‘If an opportunity should occur, he assured her he would not leave hold of her hand.’
    • ‘But as his later life shows, perhaps this early ability to leave hold of himself is one of the reasons why we, as readers, never quite manage to get a crystal clear picture of him as a man.’
    • ‘Elizabeth constantly sat bravely at Frank's side, never leaving hold of his hand, night and day for the last three weeks of his very severe illness.’
    • ‘While he was speaking thus to himself a great wave struck the raft, and made him leave hold of the rudder, and tossed him far away into the sea.’
    • ‘When the push button is left hold of, the ball 47 is free to move with the air and is pressed tightly against its seat interrupting the flow.’
    • ‘Thereupon the dragon suddenly left hold of him, and went off into the lake.’