Definition of leave someone cold in English:

leave someone cold


  • Fail to interest someone.

    ‘the Romantic poets left him cold’
    • ‘He tends to leave me cold and I can't say I've enjoyed any of his films for over a decade.’
    • ‘Talk about having problems with billing - our experience with them has left us cold about their services.’
    • ‘If the last one left you cold, then only consider it if competitive multiplayer is your thing.’
    • ‘The proposals, for that reason, leave us cold.’
    • ‘At her home in Florida, she got a phone call from the firm that left her cold.’
    • ‘Still some have left us cold and unfulfilled as one party of the match didn't quite live up to their end of the deal.’
    • ‘Some of the episodes leave me cold and others really tickle my fancy.’
    • ‘Endless flights to test the effects of weightlessness on fruit flies left us cold and indifferent with few exceptions.’
    • ‘My parents tried introducing me to Indian art, dance, cooking, and dress, but these things left me cold.’
    • ‘I don't understand a lot of things others take for granted, and I am left cold by fads such as postmodernism, etc.’