Definition of leave someone or something in the dust in English:

leave someone or something in the dust


  • Surpass someone or something easily.

    ‘today's modems leave their predecessors in the dust’
    • ‘After choosing your desired capacity you should take a close look at performance, since there are some sticks out there that easily leave their competition in the dust.’
    • ‘So although I'm sad for her today, she is going leave us in the dust.’
    • ‘So what humans need to do is to grow and to continue merging with technology, or else we will be left in the dust.’
    • ‘All cellphones must adapt to harness this technology or they will be left in the dust.’
    • ‘I think that somehow in the spiral that is the path that we are following, outsourcing all these jobs, the real people who live in my community and in your community and all the other communities are left in the dust.’
    • ‘The current news onslaught of grisly fluff is a symptom of media priorities that have left democratic possibilities in the dust.’
    • ‘We're not targeting journalists - we're just leaving them in the dust.’
    • ‘Indulge me for a moment: it's not every day, or even every weekend, that all of one's progeny leaves the competition in the dust - well, in its wake, literally.’
    • ‘If you don't constantly renew and improve your business offerings, Las Vegas will leave you in the dust.’
    • ‘‘Other nations will eat our lunch, leave us in the dust, make the past success a blip on the screen - use whatever metaphor you like for a profound defeat - if we don't act now, fast and with focus,’ he said.’