Definition of lecherously in English:



See lecherous

‘She reclined in a chair, opened a copy of Playboy, grinned lecherously, and reached for her briefs.’
  • ‘The boy offered to pay a fine or whatever to get out of this, but the deputy told him there was only one way of getting out of this jam and looked lecherously at the young half-naked girl.’
  • ‘The Weasel, who may or may not be Valerie's father, lurks throughout the film, lecherously grinning and groping at the young girl.’
  • ‘Although lecherously swarmy as befits the character, the performance seems an ill fit for him, thus detracting from any otherwise superlative work.’
  • ‘In one of the earliest sequences of ‘Mo’ Better Blues,’ Spike Lee's new film about jazz, the camera lingers almost lecherously over the womanly curves of a trumpet and saxophone.’



/ˈleCH(ə)rəslē/ /ˈlɛtʃ(ə)rəsli/