Definition of lecherousness in English:



See lecherous

‘He lived a life of extravagance and lecherousness, and had engaged in all sorts of evil conduct.’
  • ‘Yet it lacks the wit, lecherousness or base rudeness that marks out the best of that strain of hip-hop.’
  • ‘Ryo, the main character, is perpetually hot to trot, and his lecherousness is played for laughs, but that's about it.’
  • ‘Much has been written about the lecherousness of his smirks, but such provocativeness on his part definitely began in a presexual period.’
  • ‘She herself makes the point that Venus gives her ‘desire and lecherousness’, though she does not say in what position the planet was; perhaps in Scorpio?’



/ˈleCH(ə)rəsnəs/ /ˈlɛtʃ(ə)rəsnəs/