Definition of lechuguilla in English:



  • A succulent desert plant (Agave lecheguilla) of Mexico, with pointed basal leaves and a tall flower spike. It is a principal source of ixtle.

    ‘In several areas along the waterway, springs support a rich wetland flora, yet on dry terraces only fifteen feet above the wetlands grow plants of the desert: lechuguilla, ocotillo, San Angelo yucca, and Turk's head.’
    • ‘The succulent, yellow-green rosettes of lechuguilla are widely suckering.’
    • ‘Although the lechuguilla has proven to be quite interesting, I would never recommend it for the average garden.’
    • ‘The Agave lechuguilla has yellow flowers with reddish tinge.’
    • ‘Catclaw acacias, javelina bushes, lechuguillas and other thorny shrubs live up to the cowboy's old saying that everything on the desert either sticks, stings or stinks.’



/ˌleCHəˈɡēə/ /ˌlɛtʃəˈɡiə/