Definition of left coast in English:

left coast

Pronunciation /ˌleft ˈkōst/ /ˌlɛft ˈkoʊst/


  • The West Coast of the US, especially California.

    ‘America's left coast should be on everyone's vacation list’
    • ‘For anyone east of the Rockies, this is how the fun little novelty on the left coast looks.’
    • ‘Only on the left coast could a filmmaker make one movie while working on another project.’
    • ‘It figures that this list would start with someone who plays on the left coast.’
    • ‘You'll find a link there to lots of photos from the premier demonstration town on the left coast.’
    • ‘It may have reached the left coast, but not the heartland of America.’
    • ‘Life on the idyllic left coast has caused her to believe in the truth of honesty, the goodness in her fellow man, and doing good deeds.’
    • ‘And Michael Cardoza, one of the leading defense attorneys on the left coast in San Francisco will join us for his thoughts.’
    • ‘But don't give up hope if you're not headed to the left coast.’
    • ‘Boomers on the left coast are leading the new career movement, with almost 40 percent responding they've made the transition.’
    • ‘Watch for an encore performance on the left coast.’
    • ‘My best buddy has the only other one on the left coast, as far as I know, down here docked by the Queen Mary in Long Beach California just south of Los Angeles’
    • ‘If he'd ever actually spend some time out here on the left coast, he'd see our closed emergency rooms, crowded bilingual schools, illegals hanging out on every corner, and very unhappy citizens.’
    • ‘Yet Orange County has become the prime destination in Southern California for major international dance companies - many would call it the left coast's most prestigious and glamorous booking.’
    • ‘I haven't read any of them yet, but I remember reading for the first time, about twenty years ago, the Hobbit books, during a Christmas vacation trip to the left coast.’
    • ‘Perhaps no one who isn't employed by either VVM or New Times is more worried about what happens next than Bruce Brugmann, publisher of The San Francisco Bay Guardian, the left coast's seminal alternative weekly.’
    • ‘Since Dunn was a member of academia teaching psychology at a liberal arts college on the left coast, it was probably not necessary to test for mental illness.’
    • ‘Five years after losing Shaquille O'Neal to the left coast and a year removed from trading Penny Hardaway to the Phoenix Suns, the Magic were bouncing back by adding two new superstars, free-agent signees Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady.’


left coast

/ˌleft ˈkōst/ /ˌlɛft ˈkoʊst/