Definition of left-handed in English:



  • 1(of a person) using the left hand more naturally than the right.

    ‘a left-handed batsman’
    • ‘It's one thing to be able to draw a gun, but it's another thing to be able to do it with your left hand if you're not left-handed.’
    • ‘One thing I can't do is forge his signature, largely because he's left-handed and I'm not.’
    • ‘He didn't understand why everyone was so interested to see him write, and the judge pointed out that he was left-handed.’
    • ‘Every month they would test my grip, and for a long time my left grip was weaker than the right, even though I'm left-handed.’
    • ‘He was left-handed and was therefore unable to take notes, and he had managed to escape homework from two classes on account of his injury.’
    • ‘They usually put it on the left side, unless you're left-handed.’
    • ‘It should not be much of a wonder that I was left-handed.’
    • ‘I was left-handed but I always trained from the right side.’
    • ‘It is also a plus that he is left-handed because we have lacked that variety at the top of the order.’
    • ‘Danny's right-handed and I'm left-handed, but that doesn't matter.’
    • ‘Some people say that it's worse because I'm left-handed.’
    • ‘If you're left-handed, switch the hand positions.’
    • ‘I'm afraid if you're left-handed, you're out of luck.’
    • ‘I never told her I was left-handed before, either.’
    • ‘‘But you can teach naturally left-handed children to use their right hand,’ she pointed out.’
    • ‘Of course Johnny is naturally left-handed, so his left arm is strong.’
    • ‘Next up was Benji, the left-handed batter who was grinning ear to ear.’
    • ‘A left-handed batsman, Raina has averaged over 43 runs in 15 first-class matches so far.’
    • ‘The West Indies team in the fifth Test against England at The Oval in 2000 included eight left-handed batsmen.’
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    1. 1.1(of a tool or item of equipment) made to be used with the left hand.
      ‘left-handed golf clubs’
      • ‘At the time of writing, there are very few left-handed instruments being stocked in York.’
      • ‘Now the interesting bit is that the left-handed ones have hooks, and the right-handed ones have ridges.’
      • ‘Even though I grew up in Canada, where there are more left-handed golfers than in the States, left-handed equipment wasn't readily available.’
      • ‘I'm a fan of fountain pens in general; at the moment, my regular pen is a left-handed Pelikano P450 that I bought at a German post office some time ago.’
      • ‘Since the weights are internal and are able to shift (by simply tipping the thing up) it can be used as either a left-handed or a right-handed planer.’
      • ‘Today, most companies build good left-handed sets, which makes it easier for lefthanders to get started in the game properly.’
      • ‘If you've ever wanted to know where to buy left-handed products or how to contact the Walker-Warburg syndrome support group or wish to start a group for sufferers of congenital aglossia, look no further!’
      • ‘But her desire to create was rekindled after receiving her first left-handed guitar for a birthday gift.’
      • ‘It can be converted from a right-handed weapon to a left-handed one by simply changing the bolt and casing ejector aperture.’
    2. 1.2Made or done with the left hand.
      ‘my left-handed scrawl’
      • ‘He wasn't at all strong at left-handed techniques, whereas Keziah had been told from a very early age that there were no lefts and rights in fighting.’
  • 2(of a screw) advanced by turning anticlockwise.

    ‘The screw arm has right-handed threads on one side of the brass wheel and left-handed threads on the other.’
    1. 2.1Biology (of a spiral shell or helix) sinistral.
      • ‘Recent structural experiments have suggested that the domain may also contain left-handed polyproline helices.’
      • ‘In fact, a wide range of structural proteins have coils in which two or three helices are wound around each other to form a left-handed superhelix conformation.’
      • ‘It customarily refers to the number of monomers in one turn of actin's left-handed helix.’
      • ‘Three of the left-handed coiled collagen molecules form a right-handed coiled triple helix called tropocollagen.’
      • ‘The crystal structure of the Max homodimer shows it to be a parallel, left-handed, four-helix bundle with a hydrophobic core.’
    2. 2.2(of a racecourse) turning anticlockwise.
      ‘Newbury's left-handed track’
      • ‘It is a left-handed, wide track suited to powerful gallopers and is seen as being flat and fair.’
      • ‘We are hoping that he will be happier at Cheltenham with its left-handed track and a bigger hill.’
      • ‘A left-handed track, it is situated on the Welsh side of the border with England.’
      • ‘When in Dubai the Godolphin team work at Al Quoz, a left-handed dirt track.’
      • ‘It is a left-handed track with sturdy fences, making it a suitable preparation venue for Grand National hopefuls.’
  • 3Perverse.

    ‘we take a left-handed pleasure in our errors’
    1. 3.1(especially of a compliment) ambiguous.
      • ‘It may seem a left-handed compliment to say The Industry Standard was by far the best and most professional of this lot, but I mean it sincerely.’
      • ‘There is nothing Mosley takes for granted about Wright, giving what might be a left-handed compliment in saying Winky sometimes fights to the level of his competition.’
      • ‘What I just said could be considered a left-handed compliment.’
      • ‘I suppose in the end, Pattaya did get a left-handed compliment.’
      • ‘There are dozens of websites offering everything from left-handed bread-knives to scissors and writing pads.’
      backhanded, ambiguous, equivocal, uncertain, double-meaning, double-edged
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  • With the left hand.

    ‘a significant number play the game left-handed’
    • ‘Schaffer had Murray hit left-handed every other day before home games for about three weeks.’
    • ‘Michael twisted painfully out of the way and swung his sword left-handed in an awkward but powerful arc.’
    • ‘He bowled the following season left-handed and even bowled three regionals as a lefty, but had no luck.’
    • ‘You can really improve your tempo by practicing swinging left-handed.’
    • ‘The doctor developed tendonitis in his right elbow and had to dribble the last three hours of the 108-mile run left-handed.’
    • ‘Thus I eat, write, golf, and play tennis right-handed, but throw, bowl, shoot pool, and play basketball left-handed.’
    • ‘I think Ronnie O'Sullivan will beat him even if he plays the whole match left-handed.’
    • ‘Scarpa is almost certainly unique in the way that he plays right - handed but then switches to play left-handed any shots from around 60 yards or under.’
    • ‘Try reaching across to use your computer mouse left-handed.’
    • ‘The Pathway to Excellence scheme means that Bilton junior, who bats and bowls left-handed, has been taken under the wing of the county club and has the chance to progress to their academy and ultimately to the first team.’
    • ‘Upon finding the ball up against the boundary fence, he was heard to comment: ‘I couldn't hit this thing left-handed!’’
    • ‘Mickey Mantle hit 373 home runs left-handed and 163 right-handed.’
    • ‘The year he won the title, Reiser batted left-handed.’
    • ‘It's like watching someone who is right-handed throw left-handed for a change.’
    • ‘Ronnie O'Sullivan still looks good playing left-handed.’
    • ‘I had to start over and learn to do techniques left-handed.’
    • ‘A 2-year-old Phil, a natural right-hander, insisted on swinging a golf club left-handed so that he could mirror his dad.’
    • ‘Do you swing a golf club left-handed or right-handed?’