Definition of leftish in English:



See left

‘Ever since, leftish malcontents have taken every opportunity to condemn the iniquity of holding all applicants for admission to the same standards.’
  • ‘For a while, leftish bloggers were quite caught up in the notion that the correlation of good economic performance with Democratic presidencies had to be causal.’
  • ‘If the pollsters are overestimating Labour's support once more, the consequences of their blunders could leave a lot of leftish voters looking very silly.’
  • ‘It is vital that this problem should be confronted in the light of 21 st-century realities, rather than viewed through the old prism of leftish consensus.’
  • ‘His wife recently lost her job as a teacher's aide and, like many others in Clark County, Adkins is more concerned about the local economy than any leftish British view of the world.’



/ˈleftiSH/ /ˈlɛftɪʃ/