Definition of leftmost in English:



  • Farthest to the left.

    ‘the leftmost edge of the screen’
    • ‘You can go backwards in the article by clicking the leftmost column.’
    • ‘We managed to fit in a whistlestop tour of Greenwich before taking our seats in the leftmost extremities of the Palladium's Upper Circle with minutes to spare.’
    • ‘So I took a roll of masking tape, re-centered the hole, and to the left I matched up the leftmost part of the tape with the leftmost part of the oval using a permanent marker to make the outline.’
    • ‘The leftmost 10 gridpoints were considered the apical region, whereas the next five gridpoints were considered the mitochondrial buffer region.’
    • ‘We found the leftmost track the easiest.’
    • ‘This invisible line is then divided into 38.2%, 50% and 61.8%, and lines are drawn from the leftmost point through each of these points.’
    • ‘The general pattern is similar to that in Figure 4, except that the leftmost fragment in the FRI region now appears to be associated with flowering time.’
    • ‘The line in the middle of the box in the leftmost column shows the median value of Miers' within-sentence pauses: 465 milliseconds.’
    • ‘The leftmost shield is red, the middle shield is white, and the rightmost shield is colored blue, although the white color is sometimes represented by light gray.’
    • ‘He quickened his pace and hugged the leftmost side.’
    • ‘The 12 leftmost bars show proportion of choices for each individual.’
    • ‘Benjamin Mascardo, a young man in his early thirties, stood up from the leftmost area of the panelist's table.’
    • ‘For example, the guest of honor reclined on the leftmost place on the rear couch, meaning that he or she bad the best view out of the room.’
    • ‘For each variable, the percentage of cases for which a variable was available is provided in the leftmost column.’
    • ‘The grid will look something like the leftmost frame of the lower illustration on page 36.’
    • ‘Grab the rightmost dish with your right hand and the leftmost dish with your left hand while working your feet up.’
    • ‘Finally, after a few seconds of awkward silence, the leftmost one finally spoke.’
    • ‘The one on the right carried a large mace, whereas the leftmost one held a double-handed axe.’
    • ‘The estimated size of each conserved segment is given on the leftmost column.’
    • ‘He turned slightly and headed toward the leftmost mountain of the range ahead.’



/ˈlef(t)ˌmōst/ /ˈlɛf(t)ˌmoʊst/