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nounplural noun lefties

(also leftie)
  • 1mainly North American A left-handed person.

    • ‘many older people classified as right-handers were born lefties’
    • ‘a lefty pitcher’
    • ‘He bowled the following season left-handed and even bowled three regionals as a lefty, but had no luck.’
    • ‘While his changeup works wonders against right-handers, lefties have an easier time picking it up.’
    • ‘So it made sense to Casey to load up with right-handers when the lefties were pitching, and vice versa.’
    • ‘Each manager apparently hoped to keep his opponent guessing as to whether he was starting a lefty or a right-hander.’
    • ‘Hitting lower also gives him one or two innings to watch how pitchers attack other lefties, such as Edmonds and Lankford.’
    • ‘Starting in the 4th inning he pitches lefthanded whenever Baltimore's lefty hitters are at bat.’
    • ‘For righthanders, the ball is nested in the right palm, supported strongly by the left hand, with the opposite true for lefties.’
    • ‘One of the concerns going into the season was how the club would fare against lefties, because the team had six lefthanded hitters in its lineup.’
    • ‘The team plans to fill its other main need, a left-handed reliever, by giving non-roster invitations to a few lefties.’
    • ‘Hundley has good power, and his return to righthanded hitting late last year should keep him in the lineup against both lefties and righthanders.’
    • ‘I was accustomed to lefties who mostly bowled from the left-hand corner and stayed there.’
    • ‘Stairs will start against righthanded pitchers, Ochoa against most lefties.’
    • ‘Wells is a big-game pitcher who gives the rotation a needed lefty.’
    • ‘Say you're looking for a starting pitcher who's tough on lefties.’
    • ‘Two pitchers that have flown up prospect charts are lefties Macay McBride and Dan Meyer.’
    • ‘I have proven myself as one of the top lefties around, I am still a quality pitcher.’
    • ‘With runners on second and third, Showalter summoned lefty Brian Shouse from the bullpen and let him pitch.’
    • ‘Compare that with Warren Spahn, another lefty, and something of a contemporary, who won 20 or more games 13 times and won 23 games at the age of 42.’
    • ‘From 1915-17 he won 65 games, more than any other lefty.’
    • ‘Chris Hammond, a soon-to-be 37-year-old lefty who pitched for the Braves last season, accepted the deal.’
  • 2A person with left-wing political views.

    • ‘Kleiman goes on to say some very insightful stuff about gun control that every lefty should read.’
    • ‘A little humility is called for here - even for a judgmental old lefty like me.’
    • ‘This isn't particularly clever, but it is an interesting guide to who's who on the right, as perceived by this particular lefty.’
    • ‘If any lefty that stumbles across this can provide such a definition, please attempt to do so in the comments.’
    • ‘The interview excerpts have some interesting assertions from an old 60s lefty.’
    • ‘I'm not automatically going to want to be someone's best friend just because they're the only overt lefty on a TV show.’



/ˈleftē/ /ˈlɛfti/