Definition of leg-pull in English:


Pronunciation /ˈleɡ ˌpo͝ol/ /ˈlɛɡ ˌpʊl/

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  • A trick or practical joke.

    • ‘it was nothing more than an elaborate leg-pull’
    • ‘And did she try any other little leg-pulls on the Home Secretary?’
    • ‘Whether Davidson's Patent Bed Maker was a serious proposal, or simply another of his celebrated leg-pulls, we never discovered.’
    • ‘It's only a leg-pull, but according to Susan Quilliam, a relationships expert, poor communication is the biggest cause of problems and break-ups after affairs and domestic violence.’
    • ‘But it's worth noting that Wood delivers Spooner's final description of the barren no man's land with such exaggerated portent that it could easily be a leg-pull.’
    • ‘One reviewer, for instance, wondered if the book was not just ‘a giant leg-pull,’ ‘random nonsense’ clearly aimed at a lucrative ‘fringe’ market.’
    sham, fraud, pretence, imposture, hoax, fake, misrepresentation, blind, wile, artifice, Trojan horse