Definition of leg rest in English:

leg rest


  • A support for a seated person's leg.

    ‘Chris sat on the leg rest in front of me and watched as I gave Caitlyn the nipple of the bottle.’
    • ‘Push a few buttons and, presto, your seat reclines, and your leg rest rises until you are lying down.’
    • ‘The upholstered seats have reclining backs with special back support, leg rests and a folding table.’
    • ‘The business-class leg rest can put undue pressure on the calves.’
    • ‘I was a little concerned about Horizon cars on such a long run but noted that the ones on this train had been converted to long distance service with better seats and leg rests.’
    • ‘One had a modern table with comfortable leg rests.’
    • ‘That table really shouldn't be used as a leg rest.’
    • ‘Houses are bigger, and extending leg rests popular.’
    • ‘Quite a number of families are today prepared to shell out a small fortune to restore the long-discarded wooden chest or the ponderous easy chair with extendable leg rests which takes a couple of strong men to lift.’
    • ‘Relax, and rest your tired legs and feet with this extremely comfortable leg rest that is contoured to follow the shape of your legs and provide maximum support.’
    • ‘The position of the foot plate on either standard footrests or elevating leg rests is adjustable to fit the user's leg length.’
    • ‘This chair makes it easier for the carer to seat their patients without the hindrance of the armrests and leg rests when removed.’
    • ‘A wheelchair leg rest is a wheelchair part that is used to support the leg.’
    • ‘If it is important that the armrests and leg rests be accessible after the elder is seated, pivoting or rotating features may be best.’
    • ‘Other features include quick release upper body straps, arm and leg rests, leg slings and multiple points of lift.’
    • ‘This folding chair has fixed armrests, removable leg rests, is low maintenance and extremely cost effective.’
    • ‘Create a soothing ambiance with our optional CD Stereo System, or add back and leg rests for extra comfort.’
    • ‘Swing away footrests and leg rests make it easier for you to transfer because they can be moved out of the way.’
    • ‘For optimum comfort and safety, leg rests should provide a proper foundation for the legs and feet.’
    • ‘Such a complicated anchoring means would be unsuitable for the leg rest of the present invention.’


leg rest

/leɡ rest/ /lɛɡ rɛst/