Definition of leg up in English:

leg up

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  • 1An act of helping someone to mount a horse or high object.

    • ‘ give me a leg up over the wall’
    1. 1.1An act of helping someone or something to improve their position.
      • ‘the council is to provide a financial leg up for the club’
      grant, allowance, endowment, contribution, donation, bursary, gift, present, investment, bestowal, benefaction, allocation, allotment, handout


    get a leg up on
    US informal
    • Get an advantage over.

      • ‘in a bid to get a leg up on its rivals in the gaming industry, Microsoft introduced the console late last year’
    have a leg up on
    US informal
    • Have an advantage over.

      • ‘he'd certainly have a leg up on the competition’