Definition of legal age in English:

legal age


  • The age at which a person takes on the rights and responsibilities of an adult.

    ‘If you are of legal age to drink alcohol and can control your consumption, you may wonder why we recommend avoiding it.’
    • ‘In California, if you drink under the legal age, one of the penalties that can be imposed is that you lose your license.’
    • ‘If so, there go legal ages for voting, driving, gun ownership, drinking, smoking and pornography.’
    • ‘For example, every time I go to any corner store and ask for tobacco products, I'll be able to prove to them that I am of legal age.’
    • ‘Since my parents are dead, and I'm of legal age, I can live by myself.’
    • ‘A lot of them do not know anything about the legal age of consent.’
    • ‘The legal age for liquor consumption has to rise from 18 to 21.’
    • ‘According to Canada's criminal code, the legal age of consent for sexual activity is 14, except for those in a position of authority.’
    • ‘More concrete results include raising the legal age for marriage in some countries, and increasing women's political representation.’
    • ‘Of those, more than half said they work at evenings during the school week and almost all were below the legal age of 14 for paid employment.’
    • ‘Police are trying to find out if jetski operators had hired out the vehicles illegally, since the teenagers were under the legal age of 18 to drive them.’
    • ‘The legal age of marriage for foreigners will be raised from 15 to 18, on par with the age for Swedes.’
    • ‘The girl was just happy that Christina, who was of legal age to drink, agreed to buy her the wine cooler that sat on the table before her.’
    • ‘Even though she wasn't of the legal age, she had been introduced to alcohol for quite some time and never had such a reaction.’
    • ‘It seems these days wearing a diamond engagement ring on your finger at 22 years old is taboo despite the legal age of 18.’
    • ‘Four out of five people want the legal age of smoking raised from 16 to 18, according to a survey published today.’
    • ‘The problem with drinking in this country is the culture that surrounds it rather than the legal age at which it can be consumed publicly.’
    • ‘The legal age for marriage is set by the government at sixteen years for women and twenty-one years for men.’
    • ‘He was to marry Yolanda in 1225, as soon as she reached the legal age of fourteen.’
    • ‘Although the legal age for marriage among women was twelve, fourteen was more common in practice.’