Definition of leisureliness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlēZHərlēnis/ /ˈliʒərlinɪs/ /ˈleZHərlēnis/ /ˈlɛʒərlinɪs/

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‘Watching a videotape of Touching the Void at home, a fortnight after seeing it at the cinema, I noticed the music more, and the leisureliness, and the mythical subtext beneath the facts, with Joe Simpson as the archetypal wounded hero.’
  • ‘Where unceasing mobility turns into a stressful burden, a desire for leisureliness and unharriedness is likely to grow.’
  • ‘Its thinking is leisurely, because today revolt requires leisureliness and not speed.’
  • ‘It's apparently the leisureliness, the opportunity to chat, the inherent theatricality and the possibility of a draw.’
  • ‘Yet the island's origins and evolution belie the tranquility and leisureliness it has come to embody.’