Definition of lemme in English:



  • Let me.

    ‘lemme ask you something’
    • ‘To cut this rant off while it's still semi-coherent, lemme go back to the remark that started all this.’
    • ‘I think I took care of most things during the transition, but if something seems weird, lemme know.’
    • ‘If you have trouble reading this template, please lemme know!’
    • ‘Well, lemme ease back into this whole posting thing slowly.’
    • ‘Before I go, lemme reiterate how much I appreciate you guys.’
    • ‘And lemme know if you have any ideas for the database.’
    • ‘Well, lemme go get some Pepsi and go sit in front of the TV.’
    • ‘Bobby said ‘wait, lemme warn the guys in back.’’
    • ‘If you know anyone who wants to buy a couch, lemme know.’
    • ‘If some kindly soul can figure out what's wrong and lemme know, I will endeavor to fix it ASAP.’
    • ‘Going back to the filibuster, before you all decide to send me angry emails, lemme make one point clear.’
    • ‘So as long as I'm stuck inside, lemme give you some highlights from the last month!’
    • ‘If anybody has news of the crazy critter, please lemme know if he's okay.’
    • ‘So if you decide to go with the moratorium, lemme know how it goes, but I won't be with you.’
    • ‘If you know of any more sites featuring similar stuff, lemme know.’
    • ‘I'll be looking up addresses and numbers and such so if you want one lemme know.’
    • ‘Well, lemme get my room first and then, I'll come down to meet everyone.’
    • ‘Before you run away, lemme just say that I'm pretty sobered up now.’
    • ‘But lemme tell you guys, we basically spent that whole year hating each other till that afternoon.’
    • ‘If so, lemme know, because I'm about to kill mine.’



/ˈlemē/ /ˈlɛmi/