Definition of lemon drop in English:

lemon drop

Pronunciation /ˈlemən ˌdräp/ /ˈlɛmən ˌdrɑp/

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  • A yellow, lemon-flavored hard candy.

    ‘Suck on hard candy, such as lemon drops or peppermint to decrease bitter or bad tastes in your mouth.’
    • ‘I might suggest you have a lemon drop and then call me in the morning.’
    • ‘Will turned and reached into a glass jar, pulling out a lemon drop.’
    • ‘A nice little roasting hen, some fresh slaw, a juicy slab of watermelon and a lovely lemon drop or two would make the perfect dinner.’
    • ‘He had given me a lemon drop for the taste in my mouth.’
    • ‘I mumbled and popped in a lemon drop I had had in my pocket.’
    • ‘Nikki popped another lemon drop into her mouth.’
    • ‘And she would like to steal a handful of lemon drops as well.’
    • ‘‘Here,’ Sammy said, and offered her a lemon drop left over from the drive.’