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lemon sole

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  • A common European flatfish of the plaice family. It is an important food fish.

    Microstomus kitt, family Pleuronectidae

    ‘The pub offers a wide range of food from cheese sandwiches to lemon sole.’
    • ‘Michael's main course of grilled lemon sole with langoustine butter was good, but not extraordinary.’
    • ‘The food, though, remained a class apart, as I found when I ordered the roulade of smoked salmon and lemon sole.’
    • ‘For my main course, I had the deep-fried lemon sole, again lightly breaded, and served with a tartare sauce.’
    • ‘Luvvie had the grilled fish, which included squid, lemon sole, juicy prawns, monkfish, crab claws and cod.’
    • ‘This lemon sole is not the same fish as the American winter flounder, although the name has occasionally been applied to the latter.’
    • ‘When I ordered my lemon sole the waiter kindly asked if I would like it filleted, and it duly arrived cooked on the bone and then filleted.’
    • ‘I made him dinner last night - lemon sole and asparagus, then cleaned his fridge, and taught him how to slice an avocado.’
    • ‘Here, I have combined it with breadcrumbs and parsley to make a delicious crust for grilled fish such as whiting, lemon sole or sea bream.’
    • ‘Caviar, lemon sole, fresh trout, angel fish, it's all here!’
    • ‘For a main course I was tempted by the lemon sole.’
    • ‘When it comes to the food, I like their lemon sole.’
    • ‘Seeing, let alone tasting, my main course of grilled lemon sole on leeks, asparagus and smoked haddock, it was apparent that something had gone wrong.’
    • ‘The lunchtime catch of the day was a whole lemon sole on the bone.’
    • ‘Once you have tasted a perfect lemon sole simply cooked you might be tempted to throw every cookbook out of the window.’
    • ‘We heard the van's tires crush gravel as it rolled out of Whitestone to South Street Seaport, where Apa would buy fresh crates of lemon sole and mackerel from Fulton Fish Market.’
    • ‘Some of the fish should be firm-fleshed and gelatinous like halibut, eel, and winter flounder, and some tender and flaky like hake, baby cod, small pollock, and lemon sole.’
    • ‘They are the last remnants of a once-proud fishing industry, middle-water North Sea boats that fish for cod, plaice, haddock and lemon sole in an area that stretches down from Norway to the Thames.’
    • ‘In the end, Lili opted for the lemon sole with prawns and I went for the lamb and Guinness hotpot.’
    • ‘Vicky's lemon sole was £13, also pretty reasonable.’


lemon sole

/ˈlemən ˈˌsōl/ /ˈlɛmən ˈˌsoʊl/


Mid 19th century lemon from French limande, of unknown origin.