Definition of lempira in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlemˈpirə/ /ˌlɛmˈpɪrə/

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  • The basic monetary unit of Honduras, equal to 100 centavos.

    ‘The teachers are seeking an hourly wage increase of 10.19 lempiras.’
    • ‘He gets into social life, the few extra lempiras a week, the booze, the downward spiral.’
    • ‘On a good day she might make as much as 100 lempiras, but usually more like 40 or 50.’
    • ‘The land cost us 487500 lempiras.’
    • ‘The minimum funeral grant is 250 lempiras if the insured made at least one contribution in the last 6 months.’


Named after Lempira, a 16th-century Indian chieftain who opposed the Spanish conquest of Honduras.