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adjectiveadjective lengthier, adjective lengthiest

  • (especially in reference to time) of considerable or unusual length, especially so as to be tedious.

    ‘lengthy delays’
    • ‘a lengthy book’
    • ‘No student can afford to run a lengthy trial because of the risk that you will have to pay costs.’
    • ‘After a lengthy break, Marino is back and is pretty much picking up where he left off.’
    • ‘He will not need a lengthy learning period before getting up to speed on Asian issues.’
    • ‘There was a smash on the motorway this morning and so there was a lengthy delay.’
    • ‘The lengthy process of applying for grants has taken nearly two and a half years.’
    • ‘The lengthy process of soil preparation can start now that the lighter evenings are with us.’
    • ‘Although decisions can be appealed, this is a lengthy process that can take many more years.’
    • ‘Furthermore, all other projects in the unit were subjected to a lengthy audit process.’
    • ‘The lengthy process is not difficult, but requires patience and attention to detail.’
    • ‘At university I often went on lengthy pub crawls with a blind guy, amongst others.’
    • ‘Those who attack health care workers deserve nothing less than lengthy jail sentences.’
    • ‘The testing of cattle to prove that they are free of the disease is lengthy.’
    • ‘The courts have to impose lengthy prison sentences whenever they deal with such offences.’
    • ‘How can you prove something isn't there without it being a very lengthy inspection process?’
    • ‘That process will be lengthy and is more likely than not to involve torture.’
    • ‘I'm not sure I'd manage quite so well if we had a similarly lengthy hot spell today.’
    • ‘Do not stay out in the sun for lengthy periods without covering up and make sure you put on plenty of sun cream.’
    • ‘My lengthy epistle on Sunday seems to have touched a chord with a lot of people.’
    • ‘They now face a long stay behind bars in Spain and, if convicted, a lengthy period in jail.’
    • ‘As we all know we have already had a number of lengthy consultations about the new hospital.’
    long, very long, of considerable length, long-lasting, prolonged, extended, extensive
    protracted, very long, overlong, long-drawn-out
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/ˈleNGTHē/ /ˈlɛŋθi/