Definition of lentiform nucleus in English:

lentiform nucleus

Pronunciation /ˌlen(t)əfôrm ˈn(y)o͞oklēəs/ /ˌlɛn(t)əfɔrm ˈn(j)ukliəs/


  • The lower of the two gray nuclei of the corpus striatum.

    ‘The lentiform nucleus is present only on the left side of the illustration.’
    • ‘Fibers of the optic and auditory radiations are interposed between the lentiform nucleus above and the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle below.’
    • ‘The putamen of the lentiform nucleus has been removed to expose the more medially situated globus pallidus, which is so named because it is paler than the putamen.’
    • ‘Lateral to the internal capsule are the three parts of the lentiform nucleus, namely the internal and external parts of the globus pallidus and the putamen.’
    • ‘Components of the lentiform nucleus (internal and external parts of the globus pallidus, and the putamen) are seen lateral to the posterior limb of the internal capsule.’


Early 18th century lentiform from Latin lens, lent- ‘lentil’ + -form.