Definition of less and less in English:

less and less


  • At a continually decreasing rate.

    ‘she ate less and less’
    ‘they became less and less willing to spend money’
    • ‘America is sliding toward a firmer belief in the inequality of men and believes less and less in the unity of the human species.’
    • ‘The chance of people learning by experience gets less and less as the jobs become few and far between.’
    • ‘This is happening less and less, though the laid-back Holmes claims he never got uptight about it.’
    • ‘The couple had been seen less and less because of their health problems.’
    • ‘I like to see people talking on the streets but you see it less and less.’
    • ‘I just wonder why he has been replying less and less to my attempts to contact him.’
    • ‘Those interesting searches seem to be coming less and less now than they did before.’
    • ‘Gradually, the regular rugby writers have come to realise that, and they talk to me less and less.’
    • ‘We live in an age of exploding information, but we act less and less on what we hear.’
    • ‘Virtually everything this man does these days makes me respect him less and less.’